Welcome to App Maker!

Google has announced a new feature to its enterprise users of G Suite, and Appsbroker is really pleased to be supporting them as a launch partner.

App Maker is a new component of G Suite, and offers customers access to a simple yet powerful application builder. It is the perfect extension to G Suite, and we think you’ll love it.

Appsbroker has been playing with App Maker for the past few months and here are our initial thoughts on this new product… spoiler alert - we think it’s pretty cool!

App Maker’ing made easy…

During our time using App Maker we challenged ourselves to build various applications, spanning different use-cases.  We’ll talk further about where we think the sweet spot is for App Maker apps later, but for now here’s what we loved about using the tools:

What makes App Maker great...

  • Applications are easy to build, deploy, and reuse 
  • Integration with G Suite APIs, such as Google Directory / Roles
  • Fine-grained version control and change history
  • Enables true rapid application development, where you can quickly go from idea to solution
  • Great community of developers 
  • Easy to create themes and a nice out-of-the-box UI

How to get the most out of App Maker

We believe technology should always be an enabler for improving how we get things done.  During our time with App Maker we found that we could solve a lot of common business challenges. 

Great use cases for App Maker apps:

  • Data capture and reporting
  • Simple ‘Workflow’ type applications with basic steps and flows
  • Prototyping and mockup
  • Traditional CRUD applications
  • Small (in complexity) departmental databases (akin to Lotus Notes / Access)
  • Opportunity to build robust backend data platforms for end-users to consume via App Maker apps
  • Single use & stand alone applications

Top 5 Tips for getting started with App Maker

Soon, you will be able to get access to App Maker through the G Suite Business platform; so what is the best way to get ready to embrace this new tool? Here are some simple tips: 

  • App Maker is simple to use. However, like any new tool there are some skills you will need to pick up to get the best results.  Training a small team of rapid application developers is a great way to get yourself ready for building your new apps. 
  • Find business pain-points, and use them as a guide when generating ideas for useful apps to build.
  • Set up your security. Settings for who can create, manage, and access applications at the domain level are easy to configure with App Maker. 
  • Design a data structure that will work for most of your applications. For example, providing easy access to some corporate data through Cloud SQL can speed your development and guarantee some consistency across apps.
  • Don’t worry about getting things perfect the first time. Build, use, collect feedback, and iterate.  You will find that you gain traction and improve much more quickly than if you try to perfect your app on the first pass.

Appsbroker offers various services to support with application development including; technical consultancy, business analysis, training, and application support.  Please contact labs@appsbroker.com for more information.