Google Cloud Next ‘17 London is one of the biggest, most exciting events in the Google calendar.  Next ‘17, San Francisco has just wrapped, with some fantastic new announcements, and Next ‘17 London promises to be just as inspiring.  

What to expect at Next

At the London event you’ll hear about all the latest in Google technologies, including;

Infrastructure | The journey from complexity to simplicity
Data Processing & Architecture | Big insights from Big data
Machine Learning & AI | Automate everything!
Application development | Innovation has never been so easy
G Suite | Going beyond productivity

As you would expect, Appsbroker are going to be at Next London, along with some of our customers.  We will have a booth in the partner area, where you can come and visit us.  We would love to talk with you about your ambitions for embracing the cloud, and offer our advice on how to make your journey as frictionless as possible.

Solving the unsolvable

Some of our customers will be sharing their experiences using Google Cloud, and how Appsbroker have worked with them to solve business problems everyone else told them were unsolvable! 

So, why not come and join Appsbroker, and thousands of other Google Cloud experts from across Europe, at Google Next London ‘17?