Powered by Appsflow

SmarterWorking requires smarter technology. Appsflow is a powerful digital platform for business transformation that allows you to replace cumbersome business systems with smart, responsive and customisable apps. With a rock solid Google Cloud Platform foundation, Appsflow is adaptable to any workflow, and serves up your most needed and relevant information beautifully, on any device, anywhere.

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User Centric Portal

Appsflow delivers the Smarter Worker’s central portal. The Portal serves up clear clean interactive cards that give you relevant timely information, interaction with your workflows, access to your favourite apps (including app previews in-Card), messaging and notifications.


Powerful Workflow

Appsflow enables our Tech Wizards to quickly build apps to streamline your business workflows and processes, collate and manage your data and deliver in-depth reporting. 

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Third-Party Integration

Lots of existing systems? No problem. Appsflow’s rich integration options for Portal Cards, data sourcing and notifications means it works seamlessly with your existing apps, data sources and systems.


Built on Google

We build Appsflow on the security, scalability and power of Google Cloud Platform. From huge-scale data processing to single system-wide authentication to full integration with Google for Work Apps, Google is the ideal base for our SmarterWorking solutions.