What we do

User Adoption

Our change management programme, follows Google’s best practice model, and is critical to implementing a successful project. Google projects tend to touch the working lives of all employees. Our accredited consultants will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth transition.


The 6 "Ps" acronym holds good for what Google term the "Readiness" activities. Appsbroker will work with your implementation team to develop a coherent and robust change management plan that will ensure a smooth transition to Google.


Bernard Shaw famously said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”. The internal marketing including messaging and project branding along with project communications are tailored to ensure the end user’s transition is as seamless as possible. Our CommsManager application has been designed to ensure that project communications are individually tailored and delivered throughout the course of the project.


Appsbroker provides a full array of training services including classroom, 1-2-1, online webex sessions, recorded webinars and small group sessions [PAs and Executives]. We have also developed an online self paced tutorial, which incorporates the core functionality of the Google Apps suite including Google+. Click here for an overview -

Project Management

Our project management service follows Google project methodology with experienced Prince 2 qualified Project Managers for deployment of Google apps and GSA projects. They work closely with all areas of the business to deliver high quality projects on time and within agreed budgets.


During this phase of the project the project manager ensures that all the relevant technical and deployment information is gathered and verified ready for the implementation of the project solution. This includes the detailed project planning required for a successful implementation of Google Apps solutions.


The project manager is responsible for ensuring the deployment of the Google Apps solution to customers; meeting the required time, quality and cost criteria set out at the project start.

Transition to BAU (Business as Usual)

The final project phase is closing down the project and making the transition to BAU and support. The project manager works closely with the implementation and support teams to ensure a successful transition to BAU for the customer.

Deployment Services

By agreeing a tailored approach Appsbroker's Google accredited engineers ensure a smooth transition to the Gmail and Google Apps platform. Appsbroker works with the customer to agree the scope of the project and the best approach to take for deployment; including the technical changes, the change management needed, and the project’s timeline. This ensures a seamless transition to the Google platform.


Replicating an organisations essential data and settings is essential to any type of migration. Appsbrokers technical team can help achieve a smooth transition by auditing your current environment and determining the optimum strategy to meet your needs, minimise costs and achieve a rapid and successful deployment.


In the deployment phase Appsbroker provides critical on-site support and helps enable the appropriate support desk . We work closely with your organisation’s technical and management teams to ensure a smooth transition to Google. Our long track record of successful deployments means we have all the skills and experience at our disposal to assist you.

Transition to BAU

Once you have rolled out Google Apps and any other Google services, Appsbroker can provide you with all necessary support and maintenance. Google Apps comes with high availability (99.99%) as standard, and if there is any minor configuration necessary, it is more likely to be within the application interfaces your organisation has with Google. These are easily made with the help of Appsbroker’s Google accredited deployment specialists who man our in-house, UK-based support desk.

Google Services

Appsbroker has an in-depth understanding of Google Cloud Platform and modern web technologies. We believe that developing in the cloud is the best way of utilising modern technologies to their fullest potential and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Google APIs allow us to tie into Google services on the back-end, while HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript run the front-end of our browser-based applications.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of cloud computing services that enable you to build sophisticated, scalable applications. It ticks all the boxes for enterprise use: secure, reliable and low-cost storage, quick scalability, and a stable computing platform - Appsbroker knows how to use it all and make it work for you. We're a certified AWS reseller and consulting partner with experienced engineers who are knowledgeable of the platform. We have developed Managed Service Portal - a powerful tool that allows you to easily control AWS.


Appstour is a self-paced interactive Google Apps training programme for Google+, Drive, Gmail and Calendar. It is an excellent way of helping users to understand, use and love Google tools. Management reports, multiple languages and practically infinite scalability. Find out more at

Communications Manager

Success in a rapidly changing environment depends highly on having the right information at the right time. Comms Manager is a tool that lets you control email communication campaigns on a large scale. Email design with preview, email generation using inserts (user name, group, etc.), scheduling and sending of emails.

Smarter Working

Smarter Working is a cross-platform application that makes hot-desking easy and functional. Users can book hotdesks on virtually any device, viewing and selecting them on a floor map, check-in when they arrive on site or cancel bookings that aren't required anymore. The tool is highly intuitive, beautifully designed and easy to use, which is essential for good user adoption.

Managed Service Portal

The Managed Service Portal is an Appsbroker product that adds value to cloud deployments, taking over where most web-based consoles leave off. The portal allows easy control of resource scheduling, alarm monitoring, performance data, cost overview and backup/restore operations. All of these features are designed to help customers get even more value from their cloud deployments whilst reducing complexity.

Proactive Communications

At Appsbroker we pride ourselves in being able to translate Google communications into understandable business speak, clearly identifying the what, why and how. Appsbroker gets unrivaled access to the people in the know at Google and other suppliers, and proactively shares information on upcoming changes, releases and enhancements. Appsbroker tailors and translates this information to you making it relevant, meaningful and most of all accessible across your organisation. Our communications are tailored specifically to our audience and for a number of our customers we deliver these communications direct to end users as well as management teams and IT departments.

Advice and Consultancy

With access to our superstar or brilliant engineers and broad customer base we are able to share and drive a strategic roadmap to ensure you are getting the most out of the technologies you have invested in. We share best practice, industry trends and new and improved ways of working with our customers in one to one sessions as well as shared customer events and forums.

Advanced Technical Support

Ensuring your technology is robust and rock solid is critical to Appsbroker. We provide our customers with an enhanced level of service over and above the standard offering from the/other vendors. This includes 24/7 cover as well as prioritised response targets to ensure you get the service you require. For all of our CSS customers, we ensure we have detailed end to end knowledge of your specific environment allowing us to deliver tailored support that understands your business as well as your specific technologies.

google search appliance

A Google Search Appliance is a powerful, on-premise search solution that is built on the technology of Googles renowned online search engine. Placing this technology into your business gives you the same power as having your own internal, which you can customise to furnish your users with highly relevant, reliable and unique search experience. Appsbrokers Google accredited search engineers will help you configure and develop this experience and help harness its full potential for your organisation.

Demo and Discovery

Appsbroker is a specialist in Google Search Appliance technology and works closely with your IT and management teams during deployment. This data can then be used to build a demonstration of the GSA that relates to context of the business. This enables you to see what the GSA can achieve, which is directly relevant to your needs.

Installation and configuration

Appsbroker will continue to work closely with you to achieve the best configuration for your business needs. Our Search Engineers will personally install the appliance into your datacentre and configure the features that will take your business search to the next level.

Transition to BAU and development

Once into business as usual (BAU), Appsbroker can offer further development of the search facility and the opportunity to review your enterprise search capability between 6 and 12 months after deployment. This takes the form of a consultative review by a Google Certified Professional, with the specific goal of ensuring that the customer is utilising the GSA most effectively to gain the best value and relevance of the results being given.

google search appliance

GSA Commerce - Dynamic merchandising integrated with search, relevancy and navigation. Powered by the Google Search Appliance, we leverage the world’s number one search engine, by enabling powerful features for commerce.

Engagement creation

A spelling correction mechanism, powered by Google technology, will constantly learn new terms from the user interaction and the products displayed. With all that information, the system will provide suggestions and correct the queries of the users, avoiding zero results pages. The customer will find it much easier to interact with your website.

Increasing conversion rates

The conversion rate is higher in searches than in normal navigation. By using search driven pages, we can merge both worlds and create easy to administrate, constantly updated product pages. Users will benefit from a seamless experience, whether they browse to discover new products or searching for an exact item.

Self-contained, secure platform

You can choose to host the Google Search Appliance in your infrastructure or use the Appsbroker cloud services. Using confidential information such as: stock levels, prices and margins in the search is now possible, as all these key indicators will be stored in a secure, controlled environment.

Easy management

Tools specifically designed for the business allow merchandisers to make real-time changes on the search results. A 2-click system where you can change from basic synonyms to complex biasing, promoting products based on different indicators.

Locate and Communicate

Display your business locations to provide your users with the information that they need. The Google platform provides an easy to manage mechanism and familiar experience across all platforms and devices. Google is proud of their ‘Mobile First’ strategy which means that your users will have the same experience whatever their device.

See how Fedex used Google maps to distribute reactive and real time business information to their customers.

Plan and Understand

By layering disparate data sets onto the familiar Google Maps, relationships can be identified to provide a clearer understanding of a location. Better knowledge informs better decisions as shown by the Red Cross when distributing aid workers in a disaster area.

If you want to have a go yourself why not try this interactive demo.

Coordinate your Resources

Taking advantage of Google Maps portability across all devices, you can help better manage your mobile workforce. Sutton and East Surrey Water saw a 500x Return On Investment using Google Maps Coordinate to manage their crews reading water meters.

If you want to have a go yourself why not try this interactive demo.

Publish Data and Imagery

Take advantage of the Cloud to offer your rich datasets to your users without having to spend on expensive servers.

GrDF uploaded and made available almost 200,000 kilometers of pipeline and 18 million data points about their pipeline and made that readily available through browsers, Google Earth and mobile devices. Read how GrDF used Google Maps to manage their geospatial information and not their servers.