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Expect Extraordinary

Expect Extraordinary

At Team Purple, we deliver extraordinary experiences and outcomes to our customers, partners and colleagues every single day. Our people take a trusted, collaborative approach to every engagement – meaning we treat our customers like partners with equal stakeholder input into projects.

We adopt this approach simply because it works. But #TeamPurple is also a mentality: one of innovation and of doing things differently for a reason.

Appsbroker doesn’t employ politicians: the people who view meetings as work rather than a displacement activity – who never raise their hands to take action or their voices to volunteer opinions.

We don’t aspire to the status quo. While we work with disruptive technologies every day, we see disruption as a means to an end rather than a goal that needs pursuing. We step into our customers’ shoes and take them on journeys that they can’t undertake alone.

“I’m a free-range chicken, not a battery hen. I wanted to create a company where people like me would want to come and work.”

Mike Conner, CEO & Founder

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