The arms race to provide faster market response and greater automation with algos has raised Government concerns around corner cutting. In turn, MiFID II is demanding regulated, audited processes and great accountability - requiring Senior Management level attention.

The sector is being challenged more than ever to retain the benefits created by algos whilst battling the extended process and oversight demanded by regulation.

Which is why we built AIRS.

Appsbroker AIRS - Algorithm Inventory and Release Management Service

Appsbroker is helping traders get back to the business of electronic trading faster by  mitigating the impact of MiFID II on algos. AIRS helps to streamline the creation of - or changes to - critical algorithms to ensure less time is spent on compliance, more time on securing the best market performance.

Role based access

Manage strict system access to assign relevant teams and individuals to their relevant tasks within the workflows for optimal control across traders, development, compliance, operations, risk, Senior Management and more.

Algorithm register dashboard

Cloud based view of all algorithms and official status updates of in-development and production, approved, running and suspended trading programs giving your firm a consolidated view of your algo estate.

Full algo audit trail

Every step of a new or changing algorithm is carefully controlled through pre-determined workflows and captured in AIRS, including who did what and when.

Senior Management sign-off

MiFID II has seen trading algo compliance become a Senior Management responsibility. AIRS ensures that algorithms are never put into production without the full compliance review and the appropriate sign-off.

Reporting and certification

Generate granular record based reports, showing the lifecycle of each algorithm at the touch of a button. Create certificates for tested and approved algos on demand.

End to end process for MiFID II reporting

With the live algo compliance lifecycle available in full, AIRS creates a tracked process, perfect for submitting for MiFID II, significantly reducing time to respond for reviews.

Annual review

Timed reminders to conduct stress testing on at least an annual basis, generated and emailed to relevant stakeholders.


How can Appsbroker AIRS streamline your MiFID II compliance?

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