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Appsflow accelerates the journey to an invisible infrastructure. So you can focus on the future, and get there faster.

In an age of innovation, the businesses that thrive tomorrow will be those that adapt today.

But outmoded data infrastructures are blocking the path to transformation. True progress demands a simplified cloud foundation. A platform where potential and innovation can flourish.

The Appsflow cloud accelerator programme gets you there faster.

Combining Appsbroker’s cloud expertise and Google’s leading-edge technology, with an Enterprise Framework, we deliver a rapid and controlled migration to a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Through the provision of cloud resources and the migration of applications and data at scale, you’ll be geared to exploit the power of transformation in days, not months. Pushing what’s possible.

Embracing the future, faster.


It’s survival of the fastest.


But migration can be a daunting prospect. It requires a robust and proven approach to reduce complexities, ensure enterprise-readiness, support compliance and governance, and accelerate time-to-value. It requires Appsflow.

The value of cloud is real and recognised:

  • Improved agility

  • Improved efficiencies

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased scale


The world’s fastest growing most profitable businesses, no longer build infrastructure. 100% of the IT is focused on exploiting cloud and developing new ways of creating value for their customers.






The journey: an accelerated programme of best-practice methodologies, infrastructure and application blueprints, and a modularised set of tools.

The destination: a simplified, resilient end-state that unleashes your potential and innovation.


Our Blueprints

Robust and enterprise-ready, our infrastructure blueprints are designed to deliver:
• Virtual data centres
• The automated deployment of foundation services
• Segmented and simplified shared services
• Consistency and security
While our predefined application pattern blueprint will automate and expedite deployment onto Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Our Toolset

Our modularised toolsets have helped to migrate services to GCP for many major accounts, delivering transformation in days instead of months. This support includes:
• Automating and accelerating infrastructure and application discovery
• Framework deployment
• The transition of existing application workloads to the cloud


Our Expertise

We’re Europe’s largest team of Google Cloud Platform experts, with experience spanning migration, security and operations.

Our consultants and engineers will work collaboratively with your team to deliver agile end-to-end migration programmes, or support your external migration partner across the platform.


Use case: Retail in the cloud.


When a large UK retailer suffered a significant systems outage, they turned to Appsbroker and the Appsflow cloud accelerator programme.

Employing over 5000 staff in 120 stores, and across 10 major warehouses, they were left unable to pass POS product updates to stores, and operate back-office services – crippling the business. Resulting in significant reputational and revenue damage.

The incident report concluded that their whole IT estate was in some cases up to a year out of date, leaving the business potentially exposed to significant security vulnerabilities.

They were operating a range of siloed legacy IT, spread across 250 physical and 2500 virtual servers, running more than 200 applications.

Many of these systems had little investment since 2011, with almost 80 percent of their operational budget firefighting recurring issues and the service desk struggling to meet demands.

Having decided that Google Cloud Platform offers the complete range of technologies required to run their business, the retailer approached Appsbroker to accelerate their cloud migration.


The Solution

Leveraging the transformational power of the Appsflow cloud accelerator programme, the Appsbroker team worked to ensure the retailer’s journey to cloud was as fast, secure and frictionless as possible. They were able to provision resources in the cloud and securely migrate applications and data at scale, in days not months. Our architecture blueprints allowed for the rapid deployment of multienvironment Virtual Data Centres and the rationalising of shared services.

And application blueprints were used to align existing application architecture with a catalogue of pre-defined templates; reducing friction and accelerating migration.

Not only has this provided the retailer with a simplified operating environment and improved security – they now have a robust, secure and scalable infrastructure fit for innovation.

The Appsbroker team continue to provide operational and security support, and are developing a continual improvement plan to maximise the value of their cloud investment.


Your path to innovation






Cloud Consult:
Mapping the journey

Our dedicated, highly experienced consultants and technical leaders will assess your existing infrastructure and application estate to prove out the potential impact of a move to cloud.

Using industry-specific insights and platform best practices, they will define a strategy to maximise value from your migration and draw up a roadmap to take you there faster.


Cloud Migrate:
Making the move

Working within our Enterprise Framework, and underpinned by our modularised toolset, we’ll discover, design and deploy the required foundation framework services, and automate the migration of applications and data to the cloud at scale.

Our unique migration methodology ensures you’ll have your platform for innovation in rapid time.


Cloud Operate:
Realising potential

Once you’ve landed on the cloud, we’ll integrate seamlessly as part of your team and ensure you make the most of your investment.

We’ll take care of all the complexities by deploying our platform support, cost control and forecasting tools, depreciation management capabilities, and infrastructure managed service. Leaving you free to focus on the future.


Change isn’t on the horizon.



The landscape has changed.

It’s survival of the fastest. But while time might not be on your side, Appsflow most definitely is. We’ll accelerate your journey to a place where innovation thrives and potential becomes purpose. We’ll guide you to your future.


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