The little details matter don’t they?

Over the last couple of years I’ve got to know a lady who works on the till in the local supermarket near our office.  She is always polite and cheerful, even at 7am, but what sets her apart from her colleagues is that she packs my bag as she scans and then, rather than stuffing my receipt into the bag, she gives it to me with a smile and a “have a good day”.  It’s so simple but, I’m guessing nobody has told her to do it, she just knows it’s a good thing to do and I always leave the shop feeling better for the encounter. I think this lady has an innate understanding of what it means to delight the customer.  It’s not that anyone else is doing a terrible job it’s just that she is thinking about making customers (people like you and me) happy and, as we all know, happy customers make for a great business. Simply, she makes “quality” real.

Here at Appsbroker we have always known that what we do is about our customers.  The “delight our customers” is even in our mission statement but, unless these sentiments become “real” they remain simply words on a page.  As the company has grown we have had to work hard to ensure that all our colleagues have an above and beyond attitude towards our customers. We know that quality doesn’t just happen because we want it to or because we think it is a good idea.  We know that it is something that we have to work at every day. Of course, we don’t get it right all the time but even then there is an opportunity to delight.

Our desire to make quality real for our customers, the people we serve, is the main reason that, nine months ago, we embarked on the journey to become ISO 9001:2015 certified.  For us it has never been about ticking the box it has been about “packing the bag whilst we scan”. We were audited in the middle of March 2018 and are delighted to announce that we have been recommended by the external auditor for certification.