Case Study

Automobile Manufacturer – Application Development

Written by Chris Evans
Senior Project Manager

How a multinational automobile manufacturer drives greater accountability with Google Cloud


The customer is a British multinational automobile manufacturer producing luxury and sport utility vehicles. Its brands have distinct personalities and are connected by the elements of quality and sustainability that underpin the future of modern luxury by design.

When faced with the challenge of overcoming costly accountability issues relating to manual parts label processing in their factory, they engaged Appsbroker to deliver a fast and scalable, application-based solution using Google Cloud.


Automotive parts labels convey critical information to both drivers and service technicians and must remain fully intact and be fully readable for the life of the vehicle. Capturing Inspections (inc. images) of those labels through Google Cloud was fine, but without a front-end to view the captured data, identifying causes and frequency of Inspection failures was extremely difficult.


Appsbroker delivered a manufacturing quality control app that could be used by our customer’s technicians, with the ability to easily search for label inspection information and images, and view high-level KPIs breaking down inspection failures.


As a result, the customer was able to enhance the customer experience by accelerating the detection of defects, improving the understanding of production issues quicker with simple analytics for managers and tracking parts and labels more efficiently with a new web portal providing a search front-end.

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