Case Study

Cloud IQ – Machine Learning

James Walker at Appsbroker wearing purple branded polo

Written by James Walker
Head of MSP Sales

Cloud IQ rolls out Machine Learning models using Google Cloud

About The Customer

Cloud IQ offers e-commerce and analytics as a service, otherwise known as “plug-in services”, to retailers to help increase sales such as product recommendations, predicting purchases and discount offers.

Our Role

Cloud IQ had a growing need to optimise its cloud billing and unlock cost savings and wanted a Google Cloud partner to utilise machine learning in order to upgrade its services and provide best-in-class service.

The Challenge

Cloud IQ had also invested in machine learning, but was struggling to move past the Proof of Concept phase and roll out ML projects into production. With significant interest from 30+ customers who wanted to buy their cutting edge ML tools, they needed help putting them into production on Google Cloud for use in the real world.

The Solution

For Cloud IQ to productionise their models and begin extracting value, Appsbroker advised on how to best refactor their code by presenting architecture diagrams and answering modelling questions in line with best practices. Using Cloud Assure to optimise Google Cloud billing meant Cloud IQ moved their ML initiative into production, paid for with Professional Services vouchers, in just five weeks.


With an ML-driven recommender system, propensity to buy model, and identity model, Cloud IQ can now harness information about customers’ web sessions to determine whether someone is a new or returning customer. This new meta-model takes on the role of an automatic campaign manager, enabling Cloud IQ’s customers to adapt accordingly and stay at the cutting edge of innovation.

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