Case Study

Cryptocurrency Startup – Security Assessment

Written by Mike D'Arcy
Senior Project Manager

How a Cryptocurrency startup enabled Google Cloud security safeguards

Year implemented: 2022


This Digital Native organisation offering a Cryptocurrency Wallet as a SaaS solution aims to provide an operating system to self-manage assets, wallets and workflow policies. As a consequence, ensuring the security of the infrastructure was of paramount importance.


Appsbroker provided a four-week discovery engagement to evaluate the architecture and security configurations of the customer’s Google Cloud environment compared to security best practices and build a secure Cloud Foundation infrastructure.


As the Cryptocurrency industry faces ongoing and evolving security threats of targeted hacks, the customer wanted to find and remediate any potential security concerns or exceptions to Google Cloud security best practices to ensure its Cryptocurrency wallet solution was based on secure infrastructure.


Appsbroker performed a Cloud Security Posture Review, identifying nine areas that required aligning with Google Cloud Best Practice. Appsbroker used this review as a basis for building a secure Cloud Foundations infrastructure for the customer to use as a Production Environment during their soft-launch period.


As a result, the customer could proceed with its launch to selected customers, using the infrastructure Appsbroker had delivered. And due to the CSPR review conducted, it felt confident that their Google Cloud environment adhered to security best practices, in an industry faced with ever-evolving cyber security threats.

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