Case Study

Hostelworld – App Dev for legacy estate

Written by Etienne Maillard
Head of Application Development & Modernisation

How Hostelworld used Google Cloud to overhaul its legacy estate

Year published: 2023


Hostelworld is a leading global online travel agent focused on the hostel market. With hostels across over 180 countries, Hostelworld sparks social experiences around the world. Its website and app operate in 19 different languages that has so far received more than 13.7 million reviews.


To reimagine its existing application estate for a Cloud Native future, Hostelworld engaged Appsbroker to create and deliver an application modernisation program, moving tech stacks piecemeal to avoid big bang releases to reduce business risk.


Hostelworld wanted to move its monolithic codebase to an Event Driven Microservice Architecture. A legacy estate developed over many years meant much of the original in-house knowledge had eroded over time, resulting in SLAs being routinely missed, log release cycles and ultimately stifled innovation. Appsbroker needed to reverse these outcomes in an agile way that delivered on business goals.


Hostelworld wanted to reduce the operational needs of the solution and deliver to very tight deadlines. Appsbroker recommended and rolled out Google Cloud Native and Marketplace tooling such as Firestore, BigQuery, Apigee and MongoDB for the customer to use in a replicable and reliable way. Appsbroker also helped plan for day 2 operational needs with diagnostic logging, monitoring and alerting.


Thanks to an iterative approach, Appsbroker completed individual project pieces more frequently to improve on the existing application estate. This achieved a more reliable and scalable solution that reduced costs. One of the long term benefits delivered by Appsbroker was greater customer self-sufficiency, coaching Hostelworld teams and paving the way for further Google Cloud adoption.

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