Case Study

Hostelworld – VM Migration

Harry Peacock wearing purple branded polo at Appsbroker

Written by Harry Peacock
Head of Manufacturing & Industrials

Year Published: 2021

How Hostelworld Migrated Its On-Premise Data Centre to GCP and Reduced Costs by c.40%


Hostelworld needed a trusted partner to help them avoid an impending data centre renewal and migrate their on-premise infrastructure to GCP during times of uncertainty. They chose Appsbroker due to our meticulous approach and can-do attitude.


Hostelworld was rapidly approaching a costly on-premise data centre renewal and needed to develop an effective strategy to support future flexibility and scale. They needed a smooth and rapid migration that would ensure no contract extensions, disruptions or downtime to their website and booking system. All with the additional pressure of working within a tumultuous global climate of the pandemic.


We resolved to help Hostelworld exit its current agreement and reduce its on-premise infrastructure costs. After carrying out a comprehensive audit and analysis of their applications, we created a tailored migration plan and target state architecture to ensure rapid migration with no downtime. We mirrored the databases across on-premise and GCP in the interim to keep their data in sync.


We migrated their data centre to GCP three weeks ahead of schedule with zero downtime, reducing the customer’s running costs by approximately 40%. We onboarded the customer’s engineers as if they were our own and provided comprehensive training to ensure successful adoption. Hostelworld has now asked us to undertake an application modernisation project to enhance what they have today.

“Having assessed multiple GCP partners, Appsbroker stood out for VM migration. The well-walked process made the whole project easy to understand and communicate to all levels of the business. Appsbroker’s in-depth knowledge of GCP and experience completing migrations resulted in upskilling our team and completing the migration under budget and on time.”

Dara McGann, SRE Manager, Hostelworld

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