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Multinational Investment Bank – HPC

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Written by James Alexander
Sales Director, Financial Services

How a Multinational Bank Migrated Its Stock Pricing Grid to GCP and Leveraged HPC Workloads



The customer is a British multinational banking and financial services organisation with over 7,500 offices across 80 countries and territories in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Middle East and Africa.


Having previously worked together and developed a strong relationship, the bank chose Appsbroker due to its extensive HPC knowledge and capabilities. Combined with Appsbroker’s experienced Java application developers, the project was a natural fit.


The customer needed to calculate prices based on stock market data (specifically in Asia) and had been relying on pricing grids to generate the calculations.

The bank wanted to migrate its pricing grid to GCP, while keeping the rest of its infrastructure on-premise. Since the calculations are temporal and fluctuate day and night across time zones, the new solution needed to reflect this.


Appsbroker was able to migrate the bank’s pricing grid to GCP and get its complicated HPC environment up and running fast.

Harnessing a DevOps mindset and its talented team of Java application developers and cloud platform engineers, Appsbroker built the new solution in a highly automated way based on Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


Appsbroker has helped the bank overcome the challenges of a low latency system, providing the scalability to ramp resource requirements up and down as needed.

The temporal nature of the pricing grid is reflected in the new solution, providing more compute power in the morning and less in the afternoon. During the night-time, when markets are closed, the customer is able to shut the grid down completely.

“Appsbroker helped us to redefine our current pricing grid for Hong Kong market-making and equity derivatives trading. The CI/CD pipeline was tuned to meet our standards on change management while keeping the platform up-to-date. This helped us to migrate our pricing grid to a more robust architecture, sticking to our objectives of resilience, and our standards to operate platforms in the Cloud.”

Equities Full Stack Engineer, Multinational Investment Bank

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