Case Study

Propellant.Digital – Data Insight

Written by Florin Cararescu
Service Delivery Manager

How this Dutch software solutions company achieved smarter data insight via Google Cloud. 


Founded in 2021, offers a software solution that combines public and private data to empower advanced analytics, providing critical business insights. It is an open, cloud-native, turnkey analytics solution built on a stringent security certified service.


The customer engaged Appsbroker to provide a serverless managed service and improve data manipulation performance, using query optimisation to reduce time and costs and wanted an option to analyse and improve their datasets.


The client wanted to adopt Google Cloud using serverless managed services, as they were already running a basic script that gathered public financial information (trading data) from data source websites, and the option to fluidize deployments by using Terraform.


Appsbroker used an agile approach to deliver serverless and micro-services architecture representing an Extract, Transform, Load solution. We enriched, aggregated, cleansed and normalised public data using Google Cloud functions and stored data in BigQuery to deploy on a designated GCP project. New versions of the application use Terraform to automatically create the required infrastructure.


Propellant customers can analyse and act on the most up-to-date version of their data in real-time thanks to dynamic and customisable dashboards. Storing individual customer data separately ensures correct security and supports faster decision making, whilst adding new data sources is made simple in most cases by adding the correct configuration for the new data source.

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