Case Study

Racing Tech Company – Security & Infrastructure

Lesley Smith at Appsbroker smiling

Written by Lesley Smith
Security Consultant

How Appsbroker accelerated the pathway to self-sufficiency for a racing tech company

Year implemented: 2022


A UK-based technology company primarily involved in the manufacture and racing of motor vehicles on a global scale.


The customer chose Appsbroker to design and deliver a secure platform foundation that followed industry standards and could be used to develop or migrate future workloads: this became our first collaborative case with Google Cloud under the Project Sub-Zero banner.


The customer needed a secure Cloud Foundations and Landing Zones foundation for the new Google Cloud Platform, in under 60 days, that could deliver future workloads and comply with regulations meaning workloads had to be segmented to provide accurate financial reporting and avoid penalties.


Appsbroker approached this delivery with a combined team of Platform and Security engineers. By working jointly with the customer, initial workshops confirmed the key design principles and security controls that should be implemented to be driven into the design document. Appsbroker provided best practice recommendations as a default for a number of security guardrails as part of this approach.


Appsbroker produced a repeatable design that could then be used for future deliveries. This design reduced the risks of using cloud services and provided predefined security controls to reduce the threat attack vectors for the service. The delivery ensured that the blueprints produced embed best security practices and deliver the required guardrails to protect any workload delivery moving forward.

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