Case Study

UK Department Store – Infrastructure

Written by Bogdan Alecu
Lead Platform Engineer

How a UK Department Store secured its API Gateway on Google Cloud

Year implemented: 2022


Having previously worked with this leading UK Department Store in an agile way to deliver against the requirements prioritised by the business, Appsbroker was asked to implement the SAG API Gateway and create a Minimum Viable Product that addressed the Customer Registry on Google Cloud.


This customer wanted to manage APIs at an enterprise level to get the maximum benefit from adopting a cloud-first approach. However, a targeted and effective solution needed to work first time as multiple solutions were being created that would otherwise duplicate work, be potentially less secure, and lead to sub-optimal outcomes that prove costly.


A multi-zone hybrid-cloud solution that encompasses on-prem connectivity in London, with full operational and core platform DR functionality within a secondary region. This speeds up the integration with other APIs or consumers of APIs exposed through the API gateway. And by running it on GCP, the customer no longer needs to rely on the bandwidth between their premises and the internet.


The customer has now implemented – at pace – a strategic API gateway, with sufficient security policies in place, like sensitive data where extra security is required. It can deliver APIs securely and quickly (without reinventing the wheel) that connect seamlessly and securely to internal and external systems.

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