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transformation; it requires a cultural shift too.

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Appsbroker | Official Data Partner of Gloucester Rugby

We’re proudly helping the Cherry and Whites do more with their data. As one of the largest Google Cloud-only partners in Europe, Appsbroker has partnered with this prestigious sports club to create a dynamic reporting dashboard using Google Cloud, offering their teams detailed reporting and data analytics for the first time.


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Case Study

Ride 24 World Records

Appsbroker worked with James MacDonald and his team to cement his place in the history books using Google AI. 


• Two new WUCA cycling world records
• An automated secondary timing system that pushes boundaries
• A remarkable use case for how to use BigQuery and ML in a live environment


Case Study

Retail Solution Provider

Appsbroker provided advisory services for migration to help mirror the customer’s estate in Google Cloud.


• The customer can later plan and execute the cutover to Google Cloud themselves
• Their  engineers are now empowered to manage phases post-cutover themselves


Case Study


Appsbroker worked with a Dutch software solutions company to help them achieve smarter data insight via Google Cloud. 


• Enriched, aggregated, cleansed and normalised public data using Google Cloud
• Stored data in BigQuery to deploy on a designated Google Cloud project
• Adopted Google Cloud using serverless managed services


Case Study

Major UK Retailer

At Appsbroker, we helped a major UK retailer provide the basis for a Modern Data Platform – the foundation for its modernisation programme.


• Query execution time down from hours to minutes
• Ephemeral on-demand environments for analysts
• Migration to DataStudio, Python and R out of SAS and Excel


Case Study

City Plumbing

Appsbroker worked closely with City Plumbing to build, test and implement a framework that allowed data analysts, financial departments, marketing and supply teams to carry on using BusinessObjects, but now powered by BigQuery.


• Day-to-day operational reports in just a few minutes
• The largest daily report now takes just 14 minutes
• Month-end reports now available within the hour


Case Study

Multinational Investment Bank

Appsbroker helped a major bank build a Modern Data Platform for their commercial risk division. The platform enables them to run machine learning and regulatory workloads in a single environment.


• Data processing times on GCP are 18x faster than on-premise
• SQL transformations now run in tens of seconds vs hours
• The solution has enabled parallel development and testing


data plotted on graph with lines
Case Study

Frozen Foods Manufacturer

At Appsbroker, we helped a leading frozen foods manufacturer to migrate out of their data centre and build a secure cloud data platform for their machine learning and analytics tools.


• Migration out of their data centre, unlocking cost savings
• Optimised millions of pounds in capacity planning
• The solution also reduced their SAP costs


We LOVE Agile!
Delivering impact in weeks, not years.


Our agile approach to onboarding identifies the most efficient path to achieving your desired outcomes – whatever technologies or custom development that might entail. And now, with Anthos, we can help you modernise your applications wherever they are.

Change Management

Embracing the Agile Systems Integration (ASI) approach allows us to collaborate directly with your teams through regular engagements to drive impactful and long-lasting results across your entire business – not just your technology stack.


Data security is important to us, so we regularly audit our processes to ensure your data stays safe. Backed by the highest international accreditations for quality and security (ISO9001 and ISO27001), you can count on us to put your privacy first.


Ongoing training and development is integral to Appsbroker’s success. Google’s SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) set the industry standard for DevOps – and we’ve worked closely with Google Cloud for 12+ years to stay at the leading edge of best practice in the field.


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