Real-time business intelligence at your fingertips.

Disentangle Your Data
Empower business stakeholders to utilise data and unlock powerful insights.

Automate Reporting
Harness modern BI tools to automate reporting and reduce FTE effort and human error.

Generate Dashboards
Create and publish visual dashboards to bring your data to life and share results.

Federate Data
Provide a single source of data across your entire business to reduce complexity.

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Unlock your business’ potential and make more informed decisions.

Our expert team is on hand to help you unlock your business’ potential through the power of BI and advanced analytics, leveraging tools such as Looker, Data Studio, Tableau and more.

Empower stakeholders to utilise your data, streamline operations and make more informed business decisions.

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Case Study

British Technology Retailer

We helped a British technology retailer harness instant data insights to boost direct sales by consolidating their data resources, deploying Looker dashboards and centralising reporting to maximise growth opportunities.


  • Drove direct sales to exceed sales targets within a year
  • Transformation to a data-driven enterprise
  • The confidence to move into peak trading


Case Study

City Plumbing Group

Appsbroker worked closely with City Plumbing to build, test and implement a framework that allowed data analysts, financial departments, marketing and supply teams to carry on using BusinessObjects, but now powered by BigQuery.


  • Day-to-day operational reports in just a few minutes
  • The largest daily report now takes just 14 minutes
  • Month-end reports now available within the hour


Travis Perkins City Plumbing loading branded lorry

Top 5 Benefits of BI & Advanced Analytics with Google Cloud


Reduce legacy technology costs and retarget spend.


Unlock cutting-edge capabilities with open-source tech.


Standardise data and reporting across your organisation.


Lower the barrier to entry with code-free data analysis.


Build, deploy, and automate reporting and dashboards.


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