Why migrate your data to Google Cloud?

Scale your resourcing needs to meet demand

Say goodbye to costly vendor agreements

Exploit the latest machine learning and AI tools

Bolster your security model and stay compliant

If you’re experiencing any of these data challenges…

Poor Scalability
And an inability to meet growing demand.

Vendor Lock-In
Creating unnecessary costs and complexity.

Operational Overheads
Detracting from valuable resources.

Lack of Innovation
Preventing you from leveraging ML and AI tools.

Insufficient Security
To meet growing compliance requirements.

And using technologies such as…

MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, DB2

Data Warehouses
Redshift, Snowflake, Teradata, Netezza, Oracle

Data Lakes
Cloudera, Hortonworks, Hadoop

NoSQL Data Stores
MongoDB, DynamoDB, Neo4j, HBase, Cassandra

Other Clouds
AWS, Azure, Private Cloud

We can help you transform your data environment.


Move your data to the Cloud
quickly and securely with Appsbroker


Let us select the right tools to securely move your data to the cloud.


We can move PBs of data
in weeks with the Data Transfer Appliance.


Identify your target state and we’ll manage the entire migration to get you there.


We’ll rebuild your data pipelines to maximise your new data environment.

Kick-start your journey today with our Data Migration Workshop

At Appsbroker, our Data Migration Workshop is designed to help shape your data migration journey.

During the workshop, we’ll review your data sources in detail and produce a migration path (with timelines) to help map your journey.

We’ll also help you identify your resourcing requirements, as well as the conceptual target state architecture needed.

Download the workshop overview
Appsbroker Data Migration workshop fact sheet flyer

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