Realise your business’ potential with a
cost-effective, serverless, NoOps data estate.

Elastic and Autoscaling
Manage increased data volumes and cost optimisation during quieter periods.

Open-Source Centric
Eliminate costly licensed technologies and reduce storage costs.

Handle PB-scale data volumes in both data lake and data warehouse technologies.

Serve both enterprise data literacy and machine learning adoption from the very core.

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Case Study

Major UK Retailer

At Appsbroker, we helped a major UK retailer provide the basis for a Modern Data Platform – the foundation for its modernisation programme.


  • Query execution time down from hours to minutes
  • Ephemeral on-demand environments for analysts
  • Migration to Data Studio, Python and R out of SAS/Excel


retail department store displays
Case Study

City Plumbing

Appsbroker worked closely with City Plumbing to build, test and implement a framework that allowed data analysts, financial departments, marketing and supply teams to carry on using BusinessObjects, but now powered by BigQuery.


  • Day-to-day operational reports in just a few minutes
  • The largest daily report now takes just 14 minutes
  • Month-end reports now available within the hour


Travis Perkins City Plumbing loading branded lorry
Case Study

Gaming as a Service Company

We helped a gaming as a service company build a Google-native data platform enabling the business to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, pay-as-you-go consumption model for optimum agility.


  • Low latency data ingestion
  • The ability to ingest 20,000 messages a second
  • Fully scalable data pipelines


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Appsbroker Modern Data Platform Brochure 3D

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Our Modern Data Platform (MDP) brochure provides a clear overview of the key benefits, capabilities, and reference architecture required for a Modern Data Platform.

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5 Steps to Building a Modern Data Platform


Map your current business challenges and how data impacts them.


Define expected outcomes and values achievable for solving each challenge.


Demonstrate how a Modern Data Platform will deliver against each challenge.


Based on your predictions, develop a longer-term vision and strategy.


Deliver with agility and adapt iteratively, ensuring alignment to your strategy.

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