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British Technology Retailer – Application Development

Matthew Penton at Appsbroker wearing purple branded lanyard

Written by Matthew Penton
Head of Data & Analytics

How Appsbroker Helped a British Technology Retailer Boost Black Friday Sales by 40%

Appsbroker built a scalable GCP web application to stream different cadence data sources on a large screen resolution. This is housed in a dedicated analytics room purpose-built at the technology retailer’s UK HQ to act as the hub of their direct sales operations.


The retailer’s peak market trading period accounts for 60% of direct sales that occur within a very short time frame. They needed to know the intraday performance against the target for each of their global territories in order to make timely decisions or actions. The customer had attempted to do this manually on three different Black Friday events, with performance data available only after the event.


A web application was created to be run on 8 (55”) screens in a dedicated room with a reactive front-end that gives real-time insights from key data sources (GA, SAP, target data). The solution shows global performance of the retailer’s 31 regions with omnichannel drill-downs including specific product category insights. An example would be a dynamic live map of web visits per product category.


The solution was used during the two main peak events on Chinese Singles’ Day and Black Friday, helping to improve direct sales performance by 40% year-on-year. It is now used every day. The customer is able to coordinate tactical analysis and the performance of campaigns against direct sales. Its first digital-only product launch had instant KPI metrics of the marketing and direct sales performance.

“This is really great stuff. I love that I can now talk to everyone about facts and our understanding of the numbers is all the same. The value and output of discussions will increase significantly. Really good job!”

CCO, British Technology Retailer

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