Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover – AMPS

Written by James Goddard
Sales Lead

How Jaguar Land Rover Harnessed Google Cloud to Automate Parts of Its Supply Chain



As this premier car manufacturer rapidly expanded into new global territories, it found that its manual Excel-based legacy system for ordering spare parts across a diverse purchasing ecosystem was severely impacting its aftercare service, damaging the brand reputation and costing time and money.


With Appsbroker’s help, JLR built a Google Cloud-hosted system which automated key parts of the supply chain, providing real-time reporting to highlight bottlenecks, allowing them to adapt and correct quickly. We helped them build an online portal allowing partners, suppliers and dealers across the globe full access and visibility of the ordering process and supply chain. The new platform is accessed by over 30,000 users globally and uses six different Google components, tailored and integrated to make the project a success.


  • Real-time reporting to highlight bottlenecks, enabling JLR to adapt
  • 60% efficiency savings – reducing admin from two weeks to one day
  • The new platform is accessed by over 30,000 users globally and harnesses six different Google components