Case Study

Places for People – VM Migration

Written by James Goddard
Sales Lead

Year Published: 2021

How Places for People Migrated Its VMs to Google Cloud and Leveraged IaC to Boost Scalability


Places for People is a UK based property management, development, regeneration and leisure company that provides affordable housing. Having acquired numerous companies over the past few years, the business has inherited multiple on-premise legacy systems and has a growing need to consolidate and migrate them to Google Cloud.


Places for People chose Appsbroker for VM migration due to our expertise, knowledge and experience in Google Cloud migrations. This has prompted expansion on Google Cloud, leveraging Appsbroker’s project, platform and data experts.


Places for People had a growing need to modernise its application and infrastructure landscape by moving its on-premise infrastructure to GCP.

The goal was to move to a cloud-first platform strategy, removing operational overheads.

Post-migration, all applications had to operate consistently at scale. There were also knowledge gaps to fill to help the team manage and deploy infrastructure as code.


Having identified the VMs they needed to move across, we narrowed it down from 72 legacy servers to 45.

We ran a series of discovery sessions to determine the best approach and devised a plan to mitigate risk and ensure security and agility on GCP.

To support the move from on-premise Microsoft applications to GCP, we put a fast-track training plan in place to ensure confidence on the new platform.


Now that the migration is complete, they have easier access to their applications and increased visibility.

The business can spin up infrastructure fast and introduce cutting-edge capabilities such as infrastructure as code and continuous integration.

This has freed up operational resources for value-add activities and eliminated the need to manage and maintain infrastructure and backups.

“Appsbroker has enabled us to migrate to Google Cloud and deliver a fully digitised, multi-layered solution leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for increased repeatability and scalability. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce our infrastructure costs, modernise our workplace, and access advanced machine learning and AI capabilities to foster future innovation.”

John Foster, Cloud Engineering Manager, Places for People

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