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Appsbroker has a deep understanding of the business and regulation of trading coupled with domain knowledge and expertise of the Google Cloud Platform: using these capabilities, it has delivered a number of key data-centric and workflow based platforms that help Enterprises not only comply efficiently with global regulation - but to compete more effectively in their marketplaces. These platforms utilise Google’s advanced analytical tools to generate better client and market insights.

A Google Premier Partner for Financial Services, Appsbroker has the solutions and services you need whether you are looking to:

  • Rapidly deploy one of Appsbroker’s existing cloud-based platforms;

  • Develop a custom application to meet unique market requirements; or to

  • Better understand the implications of changing technology capabilities or regulatory environments.  


The applications Appsbroker brings to market start with strategic consultancy engagements that identify unaddressed market opportunities or poorly served customer needs. Building on the intellectual property gathered through these engagements - and invariably leveraging the almost unlimited compute and storage facilities of the Google Cloud Platform - Appsbroker creates or optimises business processes that are captured in applications or product roadmaps.

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Appsbroker Cloud Data

Appsbroker Cloud Data brings a new delivery model for market and reference data from one of Google’s largest European Premier Cloud Partners that offers buy and sell side firms better performance and greater flexibility at a lower cost.

Quant Lab 

Harnessing the power of GCP, the Quant Laboratory provides services, essential tools and standardised components, together with provisioning and management services, to quickly and effectively get Quantitative Analysts up and running in the cloud.


Appsflow Compliance Engine (ACE)

ACE is an intelligent, Front to Back Office solution built on an open architecture that ensures compliance with regulation such as MiFID II/MiFIR whilst simultaneously serving as a multi-asset business intelligence application.



Appsbroker takes account of the total life-cycle and ecosystem of electronic platforms in financial markets. We advise our customers on all aspects of their fintech investments - from advising on the initial market impact assessment and business justification through to leading the implementation and subsequent launch.



The only constant in financial markets is change. Whether new opportunity or regulatory change, we can help design your response.


New legislation imposes new requirements and obligations but is this just a compliance exercise or a fundamental business change? Comply and Compete!


A holistic approach to both designing a business and choosing the technology to support it is not only essential to succeed but to save costs.


Opportunities to get the best out of existing platforms can often be missed due to inefficiencies or changes in market structure and regulation.




A Google Premier Partner for Financial Services, Appsbroker brings a deep understanding of the business and regulation of trading to the GCP-based solutions it creates. We have already delivered a number of data-centric and workflow-based platforms that are helping Enterprises to not only comply efficiently with global regulation - but to better compete in their marketplace.


Platform Strategy - Understanding the new environment

Any response to the sweeping changes in our industry must be based on a solid appreciation of your needs and the business environment in which you operate. Appsbroker can help you decide your e-Platform approach through market sizing, client surveys and competitive analysis to help you build an evidence driven view of your target e-business. This is essential data for building your business case and justification.

We can also help you select the right technology platform to support your business plan. We can build a complete picture of the resources and costs of delivering and supporting the platform from both a technology and organisational perspective.

Regulatory Impact - Planning for regulatory change

Key changes such as OTC markets becoming more transparent, derivatives needing to be traded on trading venues and centrally cleared are good examples of how the business of trading is transforming. Appsbroker can help firms understand the impact of regulation and how it can transform electronic trading and to build strategies to respond to the new environment by giving visibility of the relevant technologies that can optimise your business.

Platform Delivery - Getting you up and running in the cloud

Software development and testing represents an important cornerstone of any electronic platform roll out but is only a part of a much wider program. Appsbroker has the experience and the skill to successfully deliver these programmes and can work with your firm to ensure the best possible impact at launch.

Platform Optimisation - Building metrics to monitor performance

Ensuring that your firm’s platform remains relevant for the current environment is a constant task, whether it's a focus on performance and latency, functionality or the supporting functions such as on-boarding, enablement and support.

Appsbroker has experience of launching and running electronic platforms and ensuring that they remain relevant both on an operational and business function level. We can help your company build metrics to monitor platform performance and the supporting business processes; and lead platform remediation and business process optimisation.


We can help you to understand the areas of change within the financial markets

and the opportunities they bring.

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