Business models are rapidly changing as the business environment moves into the digital era and, more importantly, regulation continues to impact upon many traditional practices. Regulation now represents the most significant environmental change for the financial sector: responding to these changes now goes well beyond compliance to fundamentally changing the way financial markets do business.

Investment firms therefore need to plan how they adapt to the new environment: central to this strategy is the selection of an electronic platform on which to build a digital trading environment - rolling out this new platform across your business and technical teams needs to be carefully orchestrated and its subseqent peformance continuously monitored.

Understanding the new environment

Any response to the sweeping changes in our industry must be based on a solid appreciation of your needs and the business environment in which you operate. Appsbroker can help you decide your e-Platform approach through market sizing, client surveys and competitive analysis to help you build an evidence driven view of your target e-business. This is essential data for building your business case and justification.

We can also help you select the right technology platform to support your business plan. We can build a complete picture of the resources and costs of delivering and supporting the platform from both a technology and organisational perspective.

Planning for Regulatory Change

Key changes such as OTC markets becoming more transparent, derivatives needing to be traded on trading venues and centrally cleared are good examples of how the business of trading is transforming. Appsbroker can help firms understand the impact of regulation and how it can transform electronic trading and to build strategies to respond to the new environment by giving visibility of the relevant technologies that can optimise your business.

Platform Delivery

Software development and testing represents an important cornerstone of any electronic platform roll out but is only a part of a much wider program. Appsbroker has the experience and the skill to successfully deliver these programmes and can work with your firm to ensure the best possible impact at launch.

Building metrics to monitor performance

Ensuring that your firm’s platform remains relevant for the current environment is a constant task, whether it's a focus on performance and latency, functionality or the supporting functions such as on-boarding, enablement and support.

Appsbroker has experience of launching and running electronic platforms and ensuring that they remain relevant both on an operational and business function level. We can help your company build metrics to monitor platform performance and the supporting business processes; and lead platform remediation and business process optimisation.