Appsbroker enables a secure cloud environment,
 placing a zero trust security model as its foundations.

The principle of least privilege – embedded into all IAM and PAM activity for users, systems and service accounts.

Visibility – to help understand the current state of the cloud environment and the possible risks posed.

Automation – for deployments through infrastructure as code, provisioning of Active Guardrails and remediation if required.

Security should be at the heart of every Google Cloud implementation.

“Security operations teams can now get threat hunting on their chronicled data by Mandiant experts. Use our latest frontline intelligence to expose attacker activity before it negatively impacts your organisations.”

CEO of Mandiant, Kevin Mandia
“Our experts work with you to enhance security measures, whether you’re new to the cloud or looking to scale your deployment. Protect your data and applications from cyberattacks, ensuring the continuity of your operations and better cost efficiency, with Google Cloud security solutions delivered by Appsbroker. Trust nothing, verify everything.”

CISO and Head of Practice, Appsbroker, Mike Smith
“The data challenge customers have is if someone has come into your environment, you need to understand how you can take them out quickly. The Chronicle SecOps platform brings it all together.”

Customer Engineer, Chronicle, Ian Heritage

Security operations with the speed, scale, and intelligence of Google

Chronicle is a powerful cloud-native security operations suite that helps security teams detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats with the speed, scale, and intelligence of Google. It offers a unified experience across SIEM, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence to drive better detection, investigation, and response. Chronicle collects security telemetry data, applies threat intel to identify high-priority threats, and drives response with playbook automation, case management, and collaboration.

Detect threats faster

Chronicle’s cloud-native architecture and petabyte-scale ingestion allow it to ingest and process security telemetry data at a much faster rate than traditional SIEMs. This means that security officers can detect threats faster and take action sooner.

Investigate threats
more effectively

Chronicle’s unified experience across SIEM, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence provides security officers with a single pane of glass to view all of their security telemetry data. This makes it easier for them to investigate threats and identify the root cause of an incident.

Respond to threats
more efficiently

Chronicle’s playbook automation and case management features help security officers to respond to threats more efficiently. This frees up their time so that they can focus on more strategic tasks.

Additional benefits of using Chronicle include the reduction in false positives to help save time, improved team collaboration to speed up the investigation and response process, and increased visibility with a unified view of security telemetry data gives security officers a better understanding of their environment. This can help them to identify and mitigate threats more effectively.

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Protect your company from
cybersecurity attacks

From assessing security risks and implementing new security controls to training employees on cybersecurity best practices, Appsbroker and Mandiant can improve the security posture of any business, and sooner than you realise.

Transforming Cybersecurity Operations and Incident Response with Mandiant and Google Cloud

Mandiant provides threat intelligence, incident response, and consulting services for many of the world’s largest organizations.

THREAT INTELLIGENCE is based on its deep understanding of the latest cyber threats. Having investigated some of the most high-profile cyberattacks in recent years, they have a unique understanding of how attackers operate.

Mandiant’s INCIDENT RESPONSE SERVICES have a proven track record of helping organisations to contain and mitigate attacks, providing valuable insights into the attacker’s methodology to quickly and effectively respond to cyberattacks.


Understand security threats relevant to your Google Cloud environment and how to remediate them with a Cloud Security Posture Review (CSPR) from Appsbroker.

How does a CSPR work?

Identify and remediate security risks
Meet compliance requirements
Improve security posture
Reduce the risk of a data breach
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Case study


How GSK used Migrate & Automate to optimise its Google Cloud performance.


Case study


Find out how Europe’s largest media company teamed up with Appsbroker to develop ambitious cloud security plans with a tailored Google Cloud roadmap.

Case study

Racing Tech Company

How Appsbroker accelerated the pathway to self-sufficiency for a racing tech company.


Security Posture Reviews

This is where our experts assess and review the current GCP organisation, architecture and security configurations of your environment, as compared to GCP security best practices, and compare current against best practice and specific requirements to identify risk and remediation.

We also provide a clear roadmap of improvements for your environment and empower your security team to learn how to navigate Google Security Services, to help clients to remain secure and compliant in the cloud.


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Empower your developers to collaborate and access developer tools while retaining the level of segregation required by security standards with DevSpace.

Deployed via Infrastructure as Code in a matter of minutes and deleted based on your frequency requirements, this solution enables developers to innovate and fulfill business requirements securely and at scale.


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Managed Attack Surface Management (ASM)

View your digital footprint through the eyes of a threat actor and secure your attack surface.

Activate your early warning system for Information Security

  • Understand when assets change to stay ahead of the threat landscape
  • Empower security teams to mitigate real-world threats
  • Ensure security resource is used where it is most needed
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Are you a Digital Native Organisation?

We have solutions for you.

Digital Native Security Incubator

A combination of our Cloud Security Posture Review product and CISO as a Service offering tailored to specifically address the security needs of a smaller digital native business such as reducing the threat surface.

CISO as a Service

If CISO is only half of your job, we can empower you through an engaging and powerful course comprising of resources, webinars and hands-on workshops so you have everything you need to execute your job effectively.

Security Leadership Resources

This is a community resource full of security experts to help build the confidence of your team to fulfil the CISO role and secure your cloud journey.

Security Managed Services

Appsbroker becomes an extension of your team and your tech, providing enterprise-grade wrap-around Managed Services.


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