Appsbroker CEO Mike Conner and Google executives discuss their joint go-to-market strategy

In this interview - conducted by Natasha Kaplinski for the Daily Telegraph’s Great British Business forum - CEO Mike Conner and Google's Adrian Poole and Paul Elmsley-Martin talk about the advantages delivered to the financial sector by the combination of Appsbroker’s domain expertise and the power and flexibility of the Google Cloud Platform.  

Appsbroker is leading the introduction of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to the financial sector, through its involvement in application development initiatives such as Project Sentinel - a MiFID compliance initiative for a consortium of leading banks such as Santander.


“Appsbroker brings a deep, deep understanding of how our platform works.”

Adrian Poole
Head of FInancial Services, GCP.

Significant elements of Googles’s intellectual property have been given to the open source community. That gives people choice about their technology platforms and - in the financial sector particularly - that is something they need to demonstrate to regulators.