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Supercharge Your SAP
on Google Cloud

Whatever your SAP deployment, Appsbroker can help you increase efficiency and performance by migrating to Google Cloud – reducing reporting times from a day to just 14 minutes.



Choosing the right infrastructure to underpin your solutions – without changing the interfaces your teams love to use – is critical. We can help you make the move to improve performance without disruption.

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Our Solutions
VM Migration

Some of the world’s leading organisations migrate to the Cloud to drive innovation and accelerate decision-making – boosting performance and unlocking operational efficiency. Learn more.

High Performance Compute (HPC)

Our unique ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence), in partnership with Intel and Google Cloud, lets you test and evaluate your high-performance and high-throughput workloads in a full cloud environment. Learn more.

SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Supercharge your existing SAP deployments without disrupting your teams’ familiar interfaces, while significantly improving your performance. Learn more.

Case Study

Multinational Investment Bank

The customer is a multinational investment bank with offices across 80 countries. It wanted to migrate its pricing grid to GCP, while keeping the rest of its infrastructure on-premise. The new solution needed to reflect multiple time zones.


  • A truly temporal pricing grid on GCP
  • Unrivalled scalability for maximum agility
  • Meets stringent change management standards


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Introducing ECCoE brochure

Introducing ECCOE

BIG performance for BIG business.

ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence) combines the reliability and enormous scale of Google’s on-demand infrastructure, the world-leading Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processing CPU from Intel, and Appsbroker’s unique expertise in delivering complex hybrid solutions and migrations onto Google Cloud Platform.

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We LOVE Agile!
Delivering impact in weeks, not years.


Our agile approach to onboarding identifies the most efficient path to achieving your desired outcomes – whatever technologies or custom development that might entail. And now, with Anthos, we can help you modernise your applications wherever they are.

Change Management

Embracing the Agile Systems Integration (ASI) approach allows us to collaborate directly with your teams through regular engagements to drive impactful and long-lasting results across your entire business – not just your technology stack.


Data security is important to us, so we regularly audit our processes to ensure your data stays safe. Backed by the highest international accreditations for quality and security (ISO9001 and ISO27001), you can count on us to put your privacy first.


Ongoing training and development is integral to Appsbroker’s success. Google’s SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) set the industry standard for DevOps – and we’ve worked closely with Google Cloud for 12+ years to stay at the leading edge of best practice in the field.


Meet the Infrastructure Modernisation Team

Geoff Newell

Technical Director

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