BIG challenges – solved faster with HPC and Google Cloud.

Analyse Vast Volumes of Data At Pace

By exploiting rapid advances in computing power.

Avoid Hefty Upfront Costs

Reallocating investments to business-critical initiatives.

Escape from Vendor Lock-In

Providing you with rapid access to scale and flexibility.

Instant Access to Evolving Technology

Enabling true business innovation.

Introducing ECCoE:
BIG performance for BIG business.

ECCoE (Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence) combines the reliability and enormous scale of Google’s on-demand infrastructure, the world-leading Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processing CPU from Intel, and Appsbroker’s unique expertise in delivering complex hybrid solutions and migrations onto Google Cloud.

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Better Together – The Power of 3

Google Cloud
The Technology of Choice

Google Cloud provides a powerful, flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure, you can accelerate your most extreme workloads to completion – from idea to discovery, hypothesis to cure, or inspiration to a fully-fledged product.

Intel® Xeon®
The Platform of the Decade

Intel® Xeon® scalable platform represents the largest platform advancements in a decade, providing better performance, security and agility for a dedicated cloud infrastructure. Powered by Intel® Xeon®, Google Cloud enables you to complete workloads faster and reduce your TCO.

App Development Partner of the Year

Europe’s largest Google Cloud-only consultancy. Over 140 technical experts provide a platform and the tooling to make HPC consumption on Google Cloud a frictionless experience. We help some of Europe’s biggest businesses make data-driven decisions, innovate and do extraordinary things.

Case Study

Multinational Investment Bank

The customer is a multinational investment bank with offices across 80 countries. It wanted to migrate its pricing grid to GCP, while keeping the rest of its infrastructure on-premise. The new solution needed to reflect multiple time zones.


  • A truly temporal pricing grid on GCP
  • Unrivalled scalability for maximum agility
  • Meets stringent change management standards


data plotted on graph with lines
Case Study

International VFX House

The client is a major VFX house that provides services across the world to produce some of the biggest blockbusters. It needed a way to increase capacity to manage unexpected spikes in demand from clients.


  • 30% increase in compute power at a reduced cost
  • 1 million additional cores activated over a single weekend
  • Additional VMs can now be easily provisioned


Lion from the Lion King standing

Maximise Your HPC Capabilities with Google Cloud
Supercharge your data and solve business challenges.

Combining the pioneering expertise of Google, Intel and Appsbroker, our ground-breaking performance and best practice facility helps big businesses break free.

Identify blockers and benchmark current capabilities against the unconstrained, extreme Cloud services of Google Cloud in our week-long ECCoE Workshop. We’ll provide the business case for moving to the cloud and the roadmap to get there – leading the way to results on-demand and faster decisions.


Meet Our HPC Team

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Head of Architecture

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Technical Director

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