A world leader in the supply of security services wanted to replace a very fragmented global infrastructure: there was no single directory for the company’s tens of thousands of employees and no standard email platform across its global regions - legacy systems and even freeware were in use in some territories.

The Solution

The company decided that a cloud-based solution would simplify operations; and with the majority of employees working out in the field, there was a requirement for a mobile-first solution where communications tools could be accessed via employees’ smartphones.

The decision was made to deploy Google’s G Suite of productivity tools and Google brought a number of partners in to meet with the client. Appsbroker - a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google Cloud’s largest EMEA partner - were selected for both the roll-out and the licensing owing to its extensive experience of G Suite deployment and the very clear pathway to delivery that it defined.

Appsbroker provided: best practice guidance and implementation services relating to Project Management (readiness preparation, team coordination); Change Management (comms management, ‘White Glove’ training); and  Technical Expertise and Migration Services (onshore technical lead, migration support from Appsbroker’s Romanian offices). Google continued to provided project governance thought its participation in the steering board.

The roll-out was handled on a region by region basis in alignment with the client’s corporate structure, with technical leads appointed for each group within a region. Appsbroker convened the regional leads at a week-long workshop where they were provided with a clear blueprint and schedule for the migration to G Suite: this specified all activities and support levels that would need to be provided - even down to the detail of individual communications that must be sent to the user base. Appsbroker then managed exceptions with the bulk of the migration being handled according to the clear guidance given.  

Each regional migration was implemented in three phases:

  • Core IT to flush out any issues with the larger migration

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions were then held for selected groups of early adopters that would serve as Advocates for the migration and provide assistance to other users. “White Glove” training - personal one-to-one tuition - was provided for 170 senior execs and/or their PAs in 38 locations to ensure buy-in from the top of the regional organisations.

  • Only then would the regional go live commence.

The Google model provides 90 days for each migration and the roll-out was staggered. In all, almost 90,000 email accounts for users in multiple languages and in over eighty countries were migrated in only 11 months.


All the elements of the G Suite (Mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and Hangouts) are now in use as well as the Chromebox for Meetings video-conferencing hardware. Each employee now has instant access to each of their colleagues - from a desktop or mobile device - irrespective of location.