Let us take you on a Google Cloud journey



Question 1

How well do you understand the cloud’s contribution to your business?

We’re all aware of the cloud and have some understanding of the scale and flexibility it can bring to our business - but only a few will have a detailed plan for how to exploit that. Where are you on this spectrum?



You know the cloud represents a business opportunity - but are unclear about how to realise that. You have little or no understanding of the capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform.


You have identified a suitable use case and need to finalise the details of a solution.


You have a clear plan on what is going to be delivered and how. You’re confident and ready to invest in building the solution.

Question 2

What kind of help are you looking for?

Cloud solutions have both a business and a technology dimension: some of our clients are absolutely clear on what they want the cloud to do for them and only need implementation assistance. Others that approach us don’t have a prescriptive technology solution in mind but want to pick our brains as to how to solve a business problem. Which camp do you fall into?


You know cloud (and Google) have offerings that could drive positive change to your business but are more concerned about solving a business problem as opposed to what technology delivers that solution.

You need:


You are aware of the potential of the cloud and want to clearly define the opportunity business value it might provide. You are more concerned with the vision you have for the business than with the underlying technology.

You need:


You have a detailed understanding of the business case for moving to the cloud and the technical solution that supports this. You need access to the project and implementation skills necessary to deliver the solution.

You need:



You know cloud (and Google) have technology capabilities that your business needs to drive positive change. You know how to provide these new capabilities.

You need:


The business case for the cloud is understood and you need to know the technical and practical steps that must be taken to implement a solution.

You need:


The value and nature of the cloud solution are understood but you want a partner to work with your technology stakeholders to deliver the solution.

You need:




Question 3

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got this far, then you have - at minimum - a deep curiosity about what the cloud can do for your business. You may even have worked out the fine detail of how to deliver on that potential. The longest journey starts with a single step: your next step is to contact us: sales@appsbroker.com


PSO Case Study

A world leader in the supply of security services wanted to replace a very fragmented global infrastructure: there was no single directory for the company’s tens of thousands of employees and no standard email platform across its global regions - legacy systems and even freeware were in use in some territories.