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Achieve data supremacy on Google Cloud.

Expand and future-proof your data capabilities.

Enhance the customer experience across channels.

Gain insight, agility and competitive advantage.

Drive business growth and revenue year-on-year.

The Devil may wear Prada,
but your data can work smarter.

Appsbroker retail customers see:

10X ROI in just 3 months with a Modern Data Platform

$1.5M global sales in 24 hours with insightNOW

10X increase in orders through omnichannel targeting

The Retailer’s Guide to Data Maturity

So good we turned it into a glossy magazine.

If you’re a retailer, hyper-personalisation, omnichannel customer experiences, and machine learning will make your heart sing. However, stitching all of your customer instances and capabilities together can be a real learning curve.

The secret to retail success? The Devil is in the data.

Download the guide to find out how to expand your data capabilities, improve performance, and drive revenue on Google Cloud. Plus, discover how we can help you promote data literacy across your entire business.

The Devil May Wear Prada, But Your Data Can Work Smarter: Unlocking Data Maturity in Retail Appsbroker

How efficient and agile
is your data platform?


I want to…

Exclusive Q&A with Retail Expert and Data Scientist, Rachel Lund

The future of retail is here. We caught up with retail expert and Principal Data Scientist, Rachel Lund, to discover the secret to data maturity.

What are the most common pitfalls retailers fall victim to? How do you harness data to improve decision-making? What are the most innovative machine learning use cases right now?

Discover all of this and more in this exclusive Q&A. Download The Retailer’s Guide to access your free copy.


“Sometimes the most simple problems drive the most innovative solutions. Start with the high value use cases and build out from there.”

Case Study

British Technology Retailer

We helped a British technology retailer deliver its first digital product launch using insightNOW. The customer was able to leverage instant, actionable insights and make data-driven decisions across multiple territories leading up to the launch.


• Instant, actionable insights across multiple territories
• Achieved $1.5M in global sales within the first 24 hours
• The most successful product launch in the brand’s history!


The Devil may wear Prada, but your data can work smart Appsbroker
Case Study

Major UK Retailer

At Appsbroker, we helped a major UK retailer provide the basis for a Modern Data Platform – the foundation for its modernisation programme.


• Query execution time down from hours to minutes
• Ephemeral on-demand environments for analysts
• Migration to DataStudio, Python and R out of SAS and Excel


Major UK retail case study
Case Study

Frozen Foods Manufacturer

At Appsbroker, we helped a leading frozen foods manufacturer to migrate out of their data centre and build a secure cloud data platform for their machine learning and analytics tools.


• Migration out of their data centre, unlocking cost savings
• Optimised millions of pounds in capacity planning
• The solution also reduced their SAP costs


Frozen foods retail manufacturer case study

Say Hello to Hyper-Personalisation in Retail

Hyper-personalisation is here to stay, and free WiFi platform, Purple is making waves in the retail space.

We teamed up to combine the power of insightNOW’s instantly streamed analytics across online sources with Purple’s in-store WiFi analytics across physical spaces to provide the ultimate ‘in the moment’ customer view.


insightNOW X Intelligent Spaces

Appsbroker insightNOW brochure 3D

Retailers can no longer rely on yesterday’s analytics.

Find out how to optimise at the point of work and discover how insightNOW can deliver instant visualisation and actionable insights across your entire business estate.

Plus, discover how we’ve helped businesses like yours maximise scalability and agility when it really counts.

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