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Very few businesses will exist in their current form by 2030. Appsbroker is passionate about working with its customers to embrace a future where technology is no longer a barrier to innovation and where businesses can focus on what’s most critical to their success.

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Appsbroker works alongside its customers to define transformational solutions that drive lasting change within their organisation. We take the time to listen to what clients are trying to achieve then use our expertise to translate their vision into an effective solution.


Data & Analytics

Increasingly, organisations will be either data-driven, or driven out of the market. Appsbroker’s data-centric and workflow-based solutions complement standard Google Cloud Platform components such as BigTable and BigQuery - and the machine learning and AI tools that sit alongside them - to help clients derive insight from information.


APA Aggregator 

The Appsflow APA Aggregator normalises and distributes a single feed of APA quote and trade data from all of the major venues, drastically reducing complexity and cost for trading desks.

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Quant Lab 

Harnessing the power of GCP, the Quant Laboratory provides services, essential tools and standardised components, together with provisioning and management services, to quickly and effectively get Quantitative Analysts up and running in the cloud.


Front Office Advisory Service 

The growth in electronic platforms and cloud usage have combined with increasing legislation to create a perfect storm. Our experience consultants provide a calm third eye at the centre of that storm.


Extreme Cloud

The Extreme Cloud Centre of Excellence (ECCoE) is a testbed for High-Performance and High-Throughput Computing (HPC/HTC) workloads. ECCoE is both a team of skilled people and a facility offering  leadership, best practices and workshops: it  provides rapid Proof of Concept and - critically - benchmarking capabilities for cutting-edge cloud projects.  



The Intel® Xeon® scalable Platform with AVX512, MPI and the Intel® compiler chain make for the best performance on any equivalent CPU architecture


Large upfront expenses are replaced with low, variable payments that only apply to what you use. 


Appsbroker provides a platform and tooling to make HPC/HTC consumption on Google Cloud seamless within your organisation.


App Development

The applications Appsbroker brings to market start with strategic consultancy engagements that identify unaddressed market opportunities or poorly served customer needs. Building on the intellectual property gathered through these engagements - and invariably leveraging the almost unlimited compute and storage facilities of the Google Cloud Platform - Appsbroker creates or optimises business processes that are captured in applications or product roadmaps.


Appsflow Compliance Engine (ACE)

ACE is an intelligent, Front to Back Office solution built on an open architecture that ensures compliance with regulation such as MiFID II/MiFIR whilst simultaneously serving as a multi-asset business intelligence application.

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Algorithm Inventory and Release management System (AIRS)

Appbroker’s Algo Inventory and Release management Service (AIRS) effectively manages and records the activity of different workstreams as algos are designed, developed and put into production. AIRS is designed to orchestrate the wider organisation’s efforts to manage and audit an algo across its entire life-cycle.


An Order of Magnitude Increase in Process Efficiency

One of the UK’s leading car manufacturers was both growing sales and expanding its portfolio. This was putting a strain on its ability to provide a quality aftermarket experience with the existing system - which was heavily reliant on manual processes - now required to cope with tens of thousands of separate parts.