Hello there! Thanks for stopping by and having a read of our Privacy Policy. Here we've collated all the things you need to know about how we collect, store and treat your data. Our privacy policy is here to show how much we value your privacy and the security of any and all data you provide to us. You should be able to make informed decisions about where you send your data and how it'll be used, and we hope that this policy helps you do that. It goes alongside our Terms of Use and by using our website you are agreeing to what we put down in this policy as well as those Terms.




We take your privacy and information security really seriously. We know that cloud companies need their customers to trust them with their data, whether big or small, and so we've put in place lots of good practices to ensure that you can use our websites and our services with lots of confidence that we're keeping your info safe. We will never release personal info to third parties unless specifically agreed (or requested by legal authorities). We use industry standard procedures to keep your info safe. We do have cookies on our web properties to help us understand trends and improve web services. We work in the cloud, so much of our info is secured by Google servers, and they use tip top methods to do that. Encryption is standard at Appsbroker. Squarespace, which hosts our website, is super secure, and you can read their web terms here. We hope you'll enjoy our website safe in the knowledge that your knowledge is safe! Enjoy!



What is Collected

The information we may collect in the background (sometimes without you obviously knowing) include:

  • Some tracking info about your visit to our website.
  • Google Analytics tracking info.
  • Information that you provide to us requesting services or information from us.
  • Personal information for the purposes of recruitment (CVs, cover letters, contact information).



How Do We Collect Data

We collect and retain data in a number of ways, some of which are quite old fashioned, and some are bleeding edge:

  • You might submit personal, business or contact info through written correspondence (email or snail mail), phone calls, web forms, shared documents, face-to-face meetings, video conferencing, social media conversations and other means.
  • We also use automated ways of collecting information including use of cookies and Google Analytics tracking codes.



Your Visit

There are a host of different ways you might arrive at Appsbroker's website, and these include:

  • Navigating to our websites and online web properties, social media sites and publicly available resources through www.appsbroker.com, www.appstour.com or a *.appspot.com domain (though this list is not exhaustive).
  • Finding us through a third party search engine or through a web ad with Appsbroker content.
  • Being directed by marketing materials, email correspondence, social media, or other third parties.

When you arrive (hello!) Google Analytics will track your visit telling us (in an unidentifiable anonymised way) how long you are here for, what you found interesting, which pages you clicked on and where you disappeared to. We may also have a look at your computer including Operating System (OS) and browser. If you have come to us from a non-paid source like a search engine result or third party website, we might track some of the information about that source. This will always be anonymous and we will never be able to personally identify you from this information. It is designed to give us information about trends among our visitors to help us improve our online services.

We do not collect personal information automatically as part of our automated systems, but we may tie personal information you actively submit to us via our websites to web visits, if appropriate to our service to you. 




We will potentially put a cookie on your device during your visit to our website. A cookie is unfortunately not what we all know it as but is in fact an identifier that helps us understand how many unique visitors we've had to our website, and whether you've been here before or not, and indeed where you've come from on the internet. These files do not allow us to personally identify anyone, and we cannot track any of your web activities not related to Appsbroker's websites. Cookies also cannot be used as code to deliver malware or viruses to your computer. We will only use visitor information to help improve our services and sites.

If you are in the EU, you will see a little cookie warning box when you first arrive at our website that highlights we may put a cookie on your computer. If you do not feel comfortable having sites use cookies to gather information, you can usually disable cookie collection in your browser settings. Disabling cookies can affect how some websites appear and some of their functionality might not be fully available.

We may combine visitor info with our marketing/advertising systems to automatically get in touch with them if appropriate. We also use information from cookies to help develop our marketing and web strategies. We may also use campaign tagging alongside Analytics data to understand activity on our marketing/advertising content, including embedding analytics into email and social media links.



Links to Other Services

There are times, especially on any blog pages, recruitment pages, social media posts and Appsbroker adverts on third party web services, where we may link to other third parties to conveniently convey information and services to you. These third parties may have different ways of dealing with privacy and data, so please check their Privacy Policies and Terms of Use before using their services and/or giving over personal or identifiable data. We do not accept any responsibility for how third parties govern data and privacy use.



How We Use Personal Info

Personal info is really helpful when processing support, service or product requests, orders, project info, payments and communications with you. We only use your personal information as submitted by you and only for the purposes requested by you upon submission of that information. We may use submitted personal information to establish sales leads with you, or to setup and account with use for the purpose of administering a sale, support or Appsbroker provided service. We may use it subsequently to offer you a personalised service online and in person, provide you with access to secure information or product demos, give you recommendations about products and services and also, if required, to look into legal issues regarding our website or fraud. Telephone calls may be recorded for contractual reasons or for training purposes. We do not, as a rule, give out personal information to third parties without express written permission of those involved.



Info Disclosure

We know how much privacy of personal information means. This means that the uses we make of personal information submitted via the website are strictly limited to giving you a great service and allowing us to deliver projects and information you desire. Personal information that we gather will never be authorised to anyone other that Appsbroker employees and yourself, except in the event of product or service provision by a third party that requires particular information in order to deliver that service. You will always be asked for permission before this disclosure happens. Any third party we use to provide you with services will have been evaluated to ensure that it maintains privacy and security at least equivalent to that described by this policy. 

We may disclose your personal information in the event that it is requested by legal authorities. This may be for the purposes of dealing with fraud protection, spam and breaches of UK intellectual property law.



Maintaining Info & Data Integrity

We will never use data, especially personal info, for any purpose other than the one for which it was intended when submitted. We try and ensure, by taking all reasonable steps, that all data is relevant, accurate, and up-to-date.


Data Security

Appsbroker does its utmost to keep your info secure. We use industry standard security measures to try and prevent the alteration, inappropriate duplication, loss or misuse or all data we possess. The various methods we use are appropriate to the medium and type of information it concerns, including Google authentication, encryption, document control and network firewalls. We store all information in the cloud where appropriate, which is secured by Google and subject to their data security protocols and processes. All local information is encrypted on all team members' computer hard disks, and all our email traffic is secured and encrypted. Information about customers, visitors, web users and employees is only made available where appropriate and on a need to know basis. Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements regarding our Google Partnership and our Customers are observed by Appsbroker with the utmost respect.


Accessing Your Data

If you would like to access or amend any personal information that you have submitted to us or to ask what, if any, information we may have about you, or if you think that your information is being used inappropriately, let us know by emailing marketing@appsbroker.com, and we'll have a chat with you about it.



If you've got any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, info security or info collection methods or Terms of Use, we'd love to hear from you. Talk to us at marketing@appsbroker.com.


Thanks for getting through all that. If you love long reads, and terms & conditions, you can check out our website Terms of Use here.


Revised: 19/01/2016