Businesses can no longer rely on yesterday’s analytics.
Take control now with instant, actionable insights.

Real-time insights at your fingertips.

Rapid, well-informed decision-making.

Understand and act at the point of work.

Extract maximum value from your existing data.

customers see:

40% increase in revenues year-on-year from immediate insight.

Reduction in SAP business objects operation reporting from 1 hr to 3 mins.

Reduction in the generation of largest daily reports from 1 day to 14 mins.

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Driving Hyper Personalisation in Retail with insightNOW and Intelligent Spaces

Omnichannel hyper personalisation is a retailer’s dream. Appsbroker and Purple have teamed up to combine the power of insightNOW’s instantly streamed analytics across every online source with Purple’s in-store WiFi analytics across physical spaces to provide the ultimate ‘in the moment’ view of your customers.

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insightNOW lets you do more with your data.
Stay on the pulse of your business and supercharge performance.

Gaining insights from existing data to take meaningful, immediate action turns surviving into thriving. InsightNOW centralises your existing data estate and gives the right teams the right information at the right time.

Incremental improvements drive success in the world’s leading organisations. At Appsbroker, we’ll work with you to implement solutions that continually improve your business and provide a competitive edge.

Google Cloud’s world-leading data capabilities – now available in your local cloud! Plus, BigQuery Omni provides a familiar interface without having to relocate your data.

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Find out why businesses can no longer rely on yesterday’s analytics, how to optimise at the point of work, and discover how insightNOW can deliver instant visualisation and actionable insights across your entire business estate.

Plus, discover how we’ve helped businesses like yours maximise scalability and agility when it really counts.

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