Why does my organisation need a cloud landing zone?

Cloud landing zones ensure your business asks the right questions and makes important decisions about how it will deploy, secure, and govern its cloud environment to achieve the following benefits:


Across all of your cloud environments.


To meet changing business requirements fast.

Cost Control

So you can invest where it really matters.


Ensure traceability and stay compliant.

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What makes a Google Cloud landing zone?

Appsbroker’s Google Cloud landing zones provide IT environments that enable rapid access to cloud infrastructure (including IaaS and PaaS) on Google Cloud – built in a scalable and secure manner that allows for workload migration or to build net new.

1. Appsbroker’s comprehensive, guided approach to requirements gathering

Helping your organisation meet its goals and objectives (and prove that we’ve met them) across functional and non-functional requirements, industry compliance, regulation, and the law.

2. Appsbroker’s best practice design and implementation framework

Developed from our extensive knowledge of providing enterprise-grade solutions – built on Google Cloud over the last 12 years.


Introducing the Appsbroker
Enterprise Framework (AEF)

At Appsbroker, we recognise the challenges associated with moving workloads to the Cloud, but also the value it can bring to an organisation – allowing you to innovate, scale, and optimise your IT operations. These benefits are fundamental to your organisation’s success in the marketplace.

Enabling cloud the right way will deliver these benefits, but so often these are missed or the true value isn’t recognised. Download our fact sheet to find out how cloud landing zones can benefit your business.

CLOUD Landing Zones Fact Sheet

Our Cloud Landing Zones Philosophy

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Identify and configure or deploy foundational components.

Enabling you to deploy all of your workloads running in Google Cloud.

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Do it once; do it right.

Platform-wide cloud standards ensure reusability or simply inheritance.

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Accelerate adoption through automation and accessibility.

Allowing you to provision, monitor and manage multiple cloud resources.

Why choose Appsbroker?

Appsbroker has over 12 years of experience creating cloud landing zones for our customers across multiple sectors and industries.

Using the Landing Zone philosophy, we can help you identify and define your cloud foundations requirements in detail, before rolling out your ideal cloud landing zone to ensure your workloads can be deployed consistently and at scale.

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John Lewis Partnership

“It’s kind of like going from a bicycle to a Ferrari; you can’t wait to get hold of the keys!” 

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British Technology Retailer

“Appsbroker are able to make a difference and inspire. And it’s not just the technologies affording this; it’s the hard work of the Appsbroker team.” 

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British Automotive Manufacturer

“I feel extremely privileged and proud to have been part of this pioneering, game changer project. We demonstrated great collaborative work and turned ideas into working solutions.”

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