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Grow revenue through cutting edge innovation.

Optimise business operations to reduce costs.

Manage risk and compliance for total peace of mind.

Harness multilayered security to safeguard data.

Solving the most complex

financial services challenges.

Appsbroker finance customers see:

Transaction times cut from three months to 10 seconds

18X faster data processing times on GCP vs on-premise

24/7 reporting for real-time business insights

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“Appsbroker helped us to redefine our current pricing grid for Hong Kong market-making and derivatives trading.”

Equities Full Stack Engineer,

Multinational Investment Bank

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“It’s more than just code. The way you challenge our thinking means you are deeply considering what the end user needs.”

Ki Insurance

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“Data processing times for GCP are 18x quicker than our current on-premise infrastructure, and the platform offers leading and innovative levers of control.”

Multinational Investment Bank

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If you’re experiencing any of these
business challenges…


Slow, unresponsive legacy systems harming employee morale.

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Inefficiencies leading to outdated information and reports.

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Complex operations (made worse by manual processes and spreadsheets).


Inability to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Inefficiencies contributing towards revenue and customer loss.

We can help you accelerate your transformation.


Appsbroker Breaks 2X Records for

HPC Speed in the STAC-A2 Benchmark

We delivered a record-breaking solution for independent third party testing by STAC®, which involved a cluster of Google Cloud instances (C2) using the 2nd gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors.

The STAC Benchmark Council® consists of over 400 financial institutions and more than 50 vendor organisations.


Google Cloud Says…

“We have worked with Appsbroker for many years in the financial services sector.
Their deep knowledge of Google Cloud, combined with their in-depth understanding of our clients, makes the perfect partnership.”

Adrian Poole, Head of Financial Services, Google Cloud

STAC Says…

“Risk management is a mission-critical workload in financial services that consumes vast resources, and its importance will only increase with future regulations, like FRTB.
Appsbroker has shown leadership by applying the latest cloud technologies to this workload and submitting their solution for independent testing.”

Peter Nabicht, President, STAC

We Say…

“Appsbroker’s infrastructure solutions on Google Cloud are the future for our financial services clients, who often have the most demanding workloads.
Thanks to STAC, we now have proof that a Google Cloud environment, powered by Intel, can stand up to any on-premise equivalent.”

Geoff Newell, Technical Director, Appsbroker

Migrate. Modernise. Innovate. Collaborate.

Why choose Appsbroker for your digital transformation?

Want to drive growth, reduce costs, mitigate risk, stay compliant, and increase efficiency in the Cloud?

We help financial institutions achieve just that – powered by Google Cloud.

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Case Study

Multinational Investment Bank

The customer is a multinational investment bank with offices across 80 countries. It wanted to migrate its pricing grid to GCP, while keeping the rest of its infrastructure on-premise. The new solution needed to reflect multiple time zones.


• A truly temporal pricing grid on GCP
• Unrivalled scalability for maximum agility
• Meets stringent change management standards


data plotted on graph with lines
Case Study

Ki Insurance

We helped Ki Insurance introduce a data-led, rather than document-driven broker platform, resulting in the first fully digital and algorithmically driven Lloyd’s of London syndicate.


• Access to real-time risk capacity at any time
• Automation has simplified the broker experience
• Transaction times cut from months to minutes


Case Study

Leading UK Bank

Appsbroker scoped, delivered, and now manages a custom application for a leading UK bank, which processes millions of transactions worldwide. The solution helped it become one of the few trading entities to meet the crucial MiFID II deadline.


• The bank was able to meet the tight compliance deadline
• Data is now cleansed for long-term sustainability
• The bank is better equipped to manage its clients


businessman making payment with card online

Transform with bespoke applications built for scale.

We’ve helped numerous FTSE 100 companies harness the power of Google Cloud to build highly customised applications, create an immediate positive impact, and drive lasting business change. Download our brochure to discover how we can help.

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Keiron Local

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