Case Study

Crisp – Google ML

Matthew Penton at Appsbroker wearing purple branded lanyard

Written by Matthew Penton
Head of Data & Analytics

Year published: 2023


Crisp, a Kroll business, is a Real-time Risk Intelligence company that protects brands, assets and people from reputational damage, security threats and online harms. They provide early-warning risk intelligence and protect over $8 trillion in combined market capitalisation for over 1,000 brands.


Appsbroker’s cross-functional team established a streamlined data modelling approach in BigQuery to pave the way for efficient dashboard migration and development. Their expertise helped facilitate the effective adoption of new technologies.


The current solution created siloed business transformation logic resulting in duplicate reports, inconsistent views of the same metrics, and repeated query loads to BigQuery, which could have been more efficient and affordable. Crisp decided to invest in Looker to consolidate its business intelligence tools into a single platform and empower users across the business.


Appsbroker meticulously reviewed Crisp’s data models to ensure they aligned with Looker best practices and addressed specific business requirements. Its team also proposed a standardised and efficient architecture to enable the efficient migration and creation of dashboards to drive business decision-making.


Crisp now better understands how to optimise its complex data layers within BiqQuery in a more time/cost-optimal way. As part of a more strategic approach, they have also started to review the data flows at a deeper level across the organisation, setting the foundation for wider adoption, and enabling effective analysis and decision-making.

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