Case Study

Child Safety Brand – App Dev

Written by Bipin Mavji
Principal Project Manager

About The Customer

The customer offers digital safety technology aimed at supporting children and their caregivers, empowering them in their digital interactions. This technology ensures children’s safety and well-being across various digital environments, including school and home.

Our Role

The Appsbroker team was engaged to augment an existing customer development team to build a device analytics web portal with a supporting backend API.

The Challenge

The customer requested a basic version of a device analytics web portal to monitor their hardware and software fleet. We had to merge resources with our development team and ensure API compatibility with existing systems, completing the task in just 12 weeks.

The Solution

Our engineers created a Front-end web application and associated API back end built and deployed on Google Cloud. As a result, this solution integrated well into the customer’s existing Google Cloud Platform estate. At the same time, Data feeds were used to populate BigQuery datasets, utilising cell history to provide historical device information.

The Result

Previously, historical data wasn’t accessible. Devices sent data like IP allocation and software versions. Our solution used BigQuery’s cell-level temporal history to provide historical insights. The customer’s end users can now enjoy better user experience, monitoring device estates and historical usage data. This sets the foundation for further portal enhancements by the customer.


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