Case Study

Media Agency – Smart Data Platform

Written by James Goddard
Sales Lead

Year implemented: 2023


The customer is one of the largest media agency networks in the world, with domestic and international clients in the tech, media, FMCG, retail and motor industries.


Appsbroker partnered with the customer to migrate its Smart Data platform to Google Cloud. Our team of experts provided the knowledge and expertise to design and deliver the platform on Google Cloud and together, we collaboratively developed an innovative solution using managed services.


The customer’s Smart Data Platform faces limitations with client onboarding, data processing and quality, and platform stability that hinder business growth and client value. Migrating to Google Cloud will address these challenges by leveraging its scalability, reliability, and advanced data analytics capabilities, to improve the process and empower clients with more timely insights.


Appsbroker crafted an always-on, event-driven data ingestion pipeline utilising Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, and Dataflow, simplifying data ingestion to mere configuration. The modular architecture supports faster client onboarding while empowering the customer to tailor solutions to diverse client needs, who can now seamlessly scale workloads up or down, optimising cloud costs.


Migrating to Google Cloud will significantly improve the customer’s ability to serve its clients effectively. This transition will streamline client onboarding, reduce development time, and enhance platform stability. By utilising modern technology and standardised code, the customer will improve its support and maintenance times, enabling faster future developments.

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