Case Study

Automobile Manufacturer – Infrastructure Modernisation

Written by Chris Evans
Senior Project Manager

How Anthos manages Kubernetes environments for multinational automobile manufacturer



This British multinational automobile manufacturer produces a range of luxury vehicles and sport utility vehicles. They engaged with Appsbroker to provide specialist Google Cloud Platform and Application Modernisation skills to help them leverage Anthos and effectively manage their Kubernetes environment. 


The client’s Kubernetes environment is complex and difficult to manage. Growing demand for Containerised templates for their private Cloud deployments and multi-cloud offer highlighted the need to secure Anthos as the default management platform across their infrastructure.


As part of this strategically important opportunity for Enterprise IT, key Anthos capabilities in Policy, Service Mesh and Config (GitOps) were identified as strategically valuable to the client. Appsbroker developed runbooks and IaC to deploy and manage Anthos clusters and configure Anthos Configuration Management and Anthos Service Mesh (ASM).


Our client now has a set of tools and runbooks which allow them to easily deploy and manage clusters. Allowing policies and guard rails to be centrally managed and enforced. In addition, it can now leverage ASM to improve observability and reduce manual steps as new workloads are added. The use of ASM also allows the client to ease the management of security by controlling cluster ingress.

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