Case Study

Media Agency – Google ML

Written by James Goddard
Sales Lead

About the Customer

This customer is a leading media communications specialist. Through its team of digital experts, it provides its clients with best-in-class digital planning solutions using market-leading machine learning to drive better returns and more profitable outcomes.

Our Role

The customer wanted a scalable and intuitive Cloud-based solution and engaged Appsbroker to provide expertise in Backend, Frontend and Platform engineering, Project Management and Agile Delivery.

The Challenge

Video and creative assets from creative campaigns are normally assessed via a series of focus groups. Not only is this process time-consuming, it doesn’t allow instant feedback on the likelihood of a campaign’s success. The customer wanted a solution that offered real-time, predictive outcomes based on degrees of probability and additional datasets.

The Solution

To enrich the dataset, Appsbroker provided the customer’s Data Science team with means to train its video creative assessment Machine Learning model and combine it with two things. First, over 810 hours of creative videos from the customer’s library and second, relevant and accessible YouGov polling and survey data.

The Benefits

The customer’s creative team is now equipped with a highly visualised, custom front-end that allows them to see the effectiveness of their latest campaigns in a single pane of glass. They can now overlay the specific performance data and simultaneously view the creative collateral in question – and make on-the-spot changes to improve future results.


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